The Year Of the Home Agent

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The Year Of the Home Agent

OK, you may have noticed that I write about home agents. A lot. You're probably thinking, "Sounds great, but does anyone actually do it, aside from a few high-profile companies?"

I was starting to wonder the same thing myself.

You see, every year, I am responsible for tabulating the Customer Interaction Solutions Top 50 Teleservices Agencies Rankings. On the application, we ask about the number of home agents a company has.

For the past several years, while I was busy extolling the virtues of the home agent model, the number of companies acknowledging home agents was depressingly small.

Though I have no final numbers yet, I'm happy to report that THIS year, the numbers appear to be WAY up. In fact, some traditionally brick and mortar call center companies are reporting more home agents than call center-based agents.

The time has come! Will keep you posted when I finalize the stats.


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Why don't you write abount the number of people in the so called bad states that went through all the training and passing tests and finally excited to work the at home job to then be let go soon after because of the state we live in. Not to mention all these places bragging about the at home call center jobs yet,they only hire in few states. I have searched and searched and California is a horrible state to live in to find one of these jobs.

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