There's No Place Like Show...Like ITEXPO West

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There's No Place Like Show...Like ITEXPO West

There is a wealth of ways to find out and learn more about new products and services. The Internet has proven to be an exceptionally versatile channel for this information, with online demos and the ability to interact with suppliers.

Yet when all is said and done there is still nothing like going to a conference/trade show floor and checking out the solutions and the exhibitors one-on-one, face-to-face, to get realtime information and answers to your specific needs via your multitude of senses.

For those reasons I strongly encourage you to attend ITEXPO WEST and make time to visit the show floor to visit the exhibitors to see what's new and what will be new in the way of solutions that could help your organization be the best it can be. To learn more I invite you to peruse our Show Guide via TMC President and Group Editor-in-Chief Rich Tehrani's blog. You will find the Guide informative and enlightening that inspires you, like a good travel get there and see for yourself.

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