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I was in Walmart this afternoon at lunch time. It's not a place I like to be. The following example of brilliant customer services is only one of the reasons why.

Place/time: Walmart, Norwalk, Connecticut, 1:00 pm

The scene: Many shoppers, many carts, children screaming louder than the laws governing sound waves should allow, and exactly one check-out open. The cashier at Checkout Number Five is trying to figure out what to do with a customer's check. Apparently, processing it, closing the transaction and moving on the next customers is inexplicably low on her list of "Things To Do With This Check."

An elderly man in front of me in the epic Line At Checkout Number Five noticed my grimace and laughed. "They're like this all over the country," he said. "And you see that sign on the wall that says, 'Tell Us What You Need'"? He laughed.

After The Check was finally processed and my shopping neighbor-in-pain had checked out, he approached the manager. "I'll tell you what I need...I need you to open more cash registers."

The manager, who clearly had delusions of adequacy, said, in a snotty voice, "Sir, do you want to come work here? I'd be glad to have you. We need the help."

Has anyone explained to this woman that WE DON'T NEED TO SHOP THERE? It's not like they're delivering electricity and we have no other options. We're not shopping there to do her a personal favor.

I realize she's probably overworked and underpaid, so I'll skip blaming her and blame Walmart corporate. Low prices only go so far in attracting customers.

Somebody forgot to tell Walmart that CRM does not stand for Customer Repellency Methodology.


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I hate wal-mart. All of your employees are morons! I have had several problems over the past few months either with customer service or with the check out lanes not presenting all of my bags to me. I used to work in retail and last i checked it wasn't rocket science! I always say I'll never step foot in a wal-mart again, and this time i mean it. Sorry to the few good employees wal-mart may have, but you guys need to shape up. If wal-mart takes over every grocery store in the country, at this point we are all doomed! I doubt greatly that any of these complaints are being seen by the people that need to see them which just shows everyone once again that they don't care about their customers. WAL-MART SUCKS!


July 10, 2007

An Open Letter to Wal-Mart

Dear Mr. Walton,

Let me begin this letter by telling you that I am 34 years old and I have never, in my life, felt the need to voice my concerns so strongly. I have shopped at Wal-Mart for many years, often more than once a week. Today is the first time I have ever left one of your stores saddened and shocked by some of your merchandise.

In your store, you currently have a display of No Bo junior girls t-shirts. These t-shirts are not only inappropriate for young girls they are crude and in poor taste, bordering on sexually explicit. For example, one shirt reads, “Let’s download something naughty”, another, “I brought sexy back”, another “I’m the naughty sister”. There were many more in this display that were of a sexual nature for little girls to wear.

Are you aware that 1 in 4 girls (that’s girls, not women) will be sexually molested by the time they are 18 years old? Are you aware that nearly 30% of molestation victims are between the ages of 4 and 7? Did you know that there are an estimated 250,000 to 500,000 pedophiles living in the United States and about 125 of them are registered to Montgomery County ( What do you think goes through their minds when they see this type of clothing on young children? I could go on and on about the statistics of child molestation, not to mention teen pregnancy rates. Do we really need our young girls wearing shirts that promote this kind of mindset? Do we really need a 12 year old to wear a shirt that says, “Let’s download something naughty” when “This horrific crime is directly tied to the growth of pornography on the Internet? Studies conducted by the FBI have shown that pornography is extremely influential in the actions of sex offenders and serial murders.” (

Mr. Walton, we parents need you in our corner. We buy our kids clothes, toys and food in your stores and are grateful for your lower prices. We need you on our side, helping us bring our kids up with the right kind of attitudes and morals. We need Wal-Mart to continue the attitude it has regarding explicit music and apply it to the clothing, especially the clothing marketed towards children. Please help us raise our daughters up to be strong, intelligent and self respecting, not displaying remarks about being naughty, sexy or hateful.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Amanda McG

I shopped in Portage, IN . Walmart July 2nd, 2007.
Two weeks later I'm still trying to apeak to someone of authority, and getting nowhere..
I bought almost $300.oo in groceries I asked the cashier if I had everything & she said "yes"but I was shorted 2 items ($15.) I called the store & was told to pick them up at customer service tomorrow. When I arrived my items were put back on the shelf.
The desk manager was RUDE & said "you're lucky,some stores don't even pack for you!"
I asked her 4 times for the store manager. She finally called him, explained a different story to him...and he came.
He told me cashiers only have to put it in the bag, it's my job to take it off the turnstyle.I was shocked at his cockiness.
I said "This is a superstore & I can't walk it, Can someone get my 2 things I paid for? He said ..."No."
"You have to go get them."The items were then credited to my account,so I went some place else to buy them.
A simple courtesy was denied to a handicapped person....
Was that such a hard request???
Most of the door guards are rude! You can't even take the electric cart out in good weather. Management rules: you must repack into a regular cart & push that outside. I don't think the state knew Portage Walmart mistreats handicapped customers! If their managers are not educated , you lose.
I'm changing my investments that do not include Walmart stocks.

I work at wal-mart. and like the guy above me said, people have bad days! when i get a pissed off customer in my line it makes me mad... and it takes a little bit for me to get back in a good mood. which is why i would love to transfer to customer service!

My wife and I were in a local Walmart around 12:30 a.m this morning. We came out at this time because of the heat and I work during the day and my husband is a disabled veteran, so this is a convenient time for us.

When we were getting ready to leave, my husband wished to purchase a pair of clip on sunglasses that were only available at the vision center. The lights were off and the area was roped off. My husband was just looking to purchase a pair of glasses.

First a worker came and told him he could not be back there and he understood that. All he wanted to do was take his glasses and purchase them with the rest of our items. An assistant manager by the name of Tanya was called, she did not offer any assitance but rudly told him he could not be back there. All he wanted to do was pay for the item....

We had purchased the same glasses during the summer around the same time of night and had no problems with that. The fact that we were treated so poorly and told we could not purchase them is what made him mad. When he knew for a fact that he had done it before.

He did not appreciate being treated so rudely and prohibited from buying this product. We will not shop in this store again.

James Collins

I've got one to top everything else and prove that Walmart "lets" there associates get by with poor customer service as well as disrespecting the customers they do have.
My daughter was returning some tops that had been gotten for her and she went to the fitting rooms in order to try the new ones on. The associate told her that she could go in and pointed in the direction of the men's fitting rooms. My daughter politely said to the attendant "but those are the men's dressing rooms", after which another attendant showed her to the women's fitting rooms. As she was in the fitting room trying on the tops, the "ignorant"
girl that had made the mistake said loudly enough so my daughter could hear, "well, I wouldn't of made the mistake if she wasn't so fat".
But, it did not stop there, Walmart is so proud of their "enormously rude" employees, that when a complaint was lodged to the Manager on duty of the ALVIN Walmart, all that was offered was that the girl could make an apology for her comment.
Now, my point is this, not once did the manager on duty say that the matter would be dealt with, in fact, in my opinion, the manager seemed as if he could not do anything but make the girl apologize for the comment.
So, if your "fat" and the associate deems it necessary to make it a public issue and verbally say whatever comes out of their "ignorant little minds", regardless if it hurts and humiliates the customer, which by the way, is paying the associates "wages", then it seems as if it's an acceptable practice by Walmart standards. So, I wonder if racist remarks are upheld along with humiliating a customer.
Needless to say, I will take the suggestion from another complaint and take my money and my shopping habits to TARGET where I always seem to get great customer service and am not charged for derogatory comments about how my family or I look!

Wal-mart in Oldsmar, FL:
This store is a joke. Dirty store, parking lot full of carts, and NO customer service period.
I was trying to find a book that had just been released, it said online that Walmart stores were carrying it, could not get one single person to help me find the book in the book dept. I complained to corp. office, and no
feedback from them whatsoever. I guess they could care less too. I'll never go there again. I love whoever called them the "Idiot Mart" LOL

The small town I live in is in the process of getting a new Super Center, which is due to open very soon. This morning I was in the smaller Walmart that is now there and was in the fabric department and heard a customer and one of the employees discussing the new store. The customer said she had heard that the new store will NOT have a fabric department as the "Big Dogs" feel they are not making enough profit. What a bunch of BUNK! Give me a break! We are in a rural area and the nearest store would be almost 50 miles further to drive. Keep up this attitude and you are going to be losing many customers. In fact you may have already lost me as I will NEVER, EVER, EVER get another prescription filled at your pharmacy. A few months ago I had to have a prescription filled and was charged $55.00. Later that same day I was in the local grocery store which has its own pharmacy and thought I would do some price shopping, so I asked the pharmacist what they would charge me and when he told me I about fainted right then and there. There price for the VERY SAME prescription was only $25.00. That's a difference of $30.00. Now explain that one to me!!!

A very up set customer!!!

My husband and i had the worst experience of my life, i`m still shocked that an employee would treat us that way. Saturday Sept 8 2007 at Vaudreuil,Quebec Canada store we decided to go shopping we go just about every weekend to Walmart. We were looking around when one of the employees came up to us and said that my husband had broken a coffee maker,we were not even close to them anyway, at first she said she had seen him do it when he started to argue with her she changed her accusation and said a man witnessed him do it, we asked her to show us where this happened all she kept saying was that you broke it and i have a witness I told her in english because thats the language i speak that for her to look on the cameras and they would see it`s not us so she looked at me and said your STUPID you speak french and again she was argueing with me I`m still shocked and angry that an employee of Walmart has the nerve to call me stupid bacause i don`t speak french. And the worst part of it is that i never had an apology from the manager or that he would take my name and no and let me know why this employee would have the right to treat us this way, I will think twice before i set foot in a Walmart again.There should check up on every employee before hiring them.


My husband works at walmart. he is very uhappy at his job due to the fact that there is no professionalism in the management team.evryone that works at walmart is a friend of a friend. this simply means that nothing about one's performance can be said to management because it gets right back to the person, they dont get fired until it starts affecting management and then the person who makes the complaint like my husband in this case has to work in a hostile enviroment. i dont know where they get theeir employees but i do know if give people a chance to see what they are about and you see that this is not important to them then let them go because all you're doing by allowing them to stay in the company is promoting bad business.

I visited your new Super Walmart in Rantoul twice. I was very disappointed with two things. First, the yarn selection, you hardly have any yarn now. Before the store had changed locations I always bought yarn from this store. I do alot of knitting for fun and for business and I liked going to your store prior to the move.I loved your yarn before. Secondly I was unhappy with the associates help. I was looking for microfiber towels and asked a cashier, who was standing at the beginning of her isle since she was just standing there. She asked if I looked in housewares, yes I had. I asked her if it would be in the grocery area where the mops were. She said Ahhhh why don't you go check there. She should have taken me there or asked someone else. Needless to say I never did find any and throughout the store I passed maybe five employees, not one said Hello, or do you need help.There is an advantage to shopping at small local stores you at least get help and a friendly face.

I would like to make a complain about a night manager by the name of Cathrine that worked 12/14/07. I had called earlier on the 13th about an HDMI cable that i had seen in your sales paper and your manager wouldn't take my sales paper coupon. I had no problem paying the full price if it wasn't valid, but I felt in my own opinion," she really disrespected me in away that i felt wasn't approiatly".

I have been shopping at Wal/mart for the last ten to fifteen years.If any questions to my complain please reach me at 1(313)768-4188
Thank You and Thank You For Your Time!!!!
Sincerely, Sherman Holey

I'm not one to do this but it was so sickening that I need to speak my mind......
The definition of pornography: sexually explicit material: films, magazines, writings, photographs, or other materials that are sexually explicit and intended to cause sexual arousal
Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Do we really need more of it? I went to get a calendar a few years ago and there I came across one with pictures of women that were meant to sexually arouse. I felt violated. If I want pornography I can go to a place that promotes that kind of thing - but Walmart?!!!! Perhaps you should dedicate a special section of your store for that kind of stuff so those of us who don't need the struggle can shop at ease. If men would be ashamed to be seen in such a section then perhaps we should acknowledge that there is something wrong about it. Boys that 'view' women as toys grow up to be men that 'view' women as toys instead of people with hearts that are worthy of cherishing. Let's promote morality.

Just a few days ago I went again to get a calendar by the layaway section at Loveland, Co store and there it was again.

It makes me want to stop shopping at Walmart. If I come across it again I will cease to shop there.
Grieved in Loveland, Colorado

I am fuming out of my ears. My husband found an item online at but it wasn't available online so we found a store directory somwhere else because their webpage is so unorganized. We called first one store

Wal-Mart Store #2816
5630 Touhy Avenue
Niles, IL 60714
(847) 647-8641

The person on the phone didn't greet us or told us their name. We asked them if they could check for the item we were looking for in the store the person replyed with " I have no computer"!? Than my husband asked if he can find out for him about the item. The person on the phone told him that he doesn't know where to transfer him. My husband told him that the item is a toy and he just needs to have it looked up and see if they have it available in the store. This guy just said I don't know how to help you and placed him on hold. The person on the phone transfered him to the toy department 20 min later and nobody ever picked up. We eventually gave up and called a second store. The store I am talking about is:

Wal-Mart Store #5402
4650 West North Ave
Chicago (W), IL 60639
(773) 252-7465

I called this store on December 30 2007
at 12:46pm I was on the phone for 44min. A person picked up the phone the first time and we asked for the same thing. If there is anyone to check if Walmart has this item we are looking for. This item is a toy car I want to giveit to my son as a present and I am willing to spend $199.87 for it. It is my baby sons favorite disney figure Lightning mcqueen. All we wanted is to find a store that has it and than go there and buy it. This was an easy $200 sell. They had us sold all we needed was this item and we would have been happy. Well the problem was not that they don't have this item the problem is that nobody out of all these people wanted to check if this item is in the store. We talked to another 5 people they all transfered us from isle to isle and most of them didn't know how to or want to look up the item. After my husband was on hold for another 20min with another person who my husband isisted should find someone who can look for the item I made him hang up. I called this store for a second time and insisted to look for the manager. The lady on the phone answered the phone with "Yeaah" . Once again no name or greeting or store name or how may I help you of any kind. I asked to talk to a manager and she didn't hear me so she said "watcha wan"?????????? What does that mean? "Watcha want". I don't know that in my 6 years in retail I have ever heard any person ever say watcha and huh as many times as in this phone call. I said again I would like to talk to a manager she didn't ask for what this is in regards to. She ask me in these words " FOR WHAT!!!!????" With an aditude. No English is not my mother language or even my second language. I am sure you can tell with all the grammer mistakes that I have shamlessly displayed in this complaint but aditude is universal. It exists in every culture and every age group and every social group. I told her that I want to make a complaint. That was not the reason I called the same number for a second time but when she gave me all that aditude after I have been transfered from department to department and after I have spend so much time on hold I decided that I am not happy that Walmart seems to think that it is my privillage to spend my good old American money in their store. You see it is the other way around and I want to be treated as such. Now I don't think that I have ever in my life made a complaint or that I have ever gone out of my way to complain about any Company's service but I am complaining about them today because when I told her that I wan't to make a complain which originally all I wanted to know is if they have item #000720302 in the store I was radiculled by this lady on the phone. All she said was ummmmmhhhhhhhhh followed by ooooh u wona talk to a manager and make a complain. In a undertone of who cares and who doesn't want to talk to a manager. This part she didn't say but that is how she came of. Now Once again there was no warning that she will put me on hold she just did. In the middle of me saying "If you can just find someone to find this item" followed by some good old country muzik in my ear. She didn't even hear me out. Than 15min later another person picked up the phone with "Hello" and "who is this?"
This is how I feel right about now.
So I explain again I am looking for this item. Can you find it for me pleeeeeeeeeese? Or please find the manager for me. The person on the phone said I don't know where he is and once again wihout warning placed me on hold. So I waited for another 10min. All this anger and hostility is building up. I am very angry at this point. Isn't there such a thing as a service standard. You know like the uzuall
"Good afeternoon!
Thank you for calling Walmart!
My name is _________!
How may I assist your call?

These brilliant Walmart employees answer the phone with " yeah" and if you are lucky a " Hello" akward silence until you tell them what you need. Than they will tell you that they don't know how to do that or who does. It is very sad when a person calls a company as big as Walmart and you have to find a manager to look for an item, because aparantly looking for an item is not something that a regular sales person is capable of.

This whole someone picks the phone up and doesn't do anything for me and places me on hold again wihout warning happend another I don't know 6 or 7 times. The funny thing is that I don't know Why I was transfered to all of these different departments when I am just looking for a toy car. Here are a few examples: The junior clothing section, the grocerie section, the bedding section and finally the electronics section. Of course not in this exact order and maybe not the exact section but it went something like that. Nobody was told that I was on hold. I draw that conclusion because everytime someone picked up the phone they didn't know why I had called. They also didn't know why they got stuck with me and they didn't like it. I never actually got to speak to a manager. I got to speak to a sales person in the electronics section who told me his name. His name is Daniel. He asked me how he can help me. I told him that I was upset. I explained to him that I have been given the runaround and that nobody knows how to look an item up for me. He said that is easily fixed. He walked over to toy section. Scanned the item number and came back within less than two minutes and said we don't have this item available. :-(

At this point I am past upset. Out of god knows how many people I got to talk to, there was only one person to tell me their name. To him the solution of this problem was very easy. He calmed me down and appologized in the name of Walmart. He was a nice kid. There was nothing wrong with his approach. Somehow I feel that one person willing to do their job is not enough.

This is not just one store we called a few stores and this is what happend with all of them. Where exactly was the manager and what do they get paid for. How much do they pay these people for them to be so careless and non carring. I don't want exellent customer servise I am uzually happy with fair service. I am happy with barely meeting the standards service. I am understanding towards people who are older or who don't understand english as well but this was none of the above. This was plain old aditude. I wasn't looking for great customer service. I was just looking for a product. I just wanted to make a transaction. Walmart all I wanted to do is find out if you have this item and than give you money for it, and than take it home. I am glad to see that you don't need my money. I know that because I have been in Walmart many times and uzually I feel unwelcome and as if I am bodering them if I want to ask where to find something. Helloooooooo Walmart is huge how can I find anything if I don't ask someone where I can find it. I think it's a loose loose situation because your employees don't know for them selves. So not only did I buy this item somwhere else online. I will NEVER go back to Walmart again!!!!!!
Also I am going on a I hate walmart campain and make sure that I will tell everyone how much I hate wallmart one website and person at the time. I will dedicate my entire myspace to how much I hate Walmart. Now that I think about it a year and a half ago I ripped my shirt on the top of my belly in Walmart while I was obviously 8 months pregnant and scrached my belly. I walked over to a sales person and pointed out that there was a clothes rack that was razer sharp and dangerous that I ripped my shirt on it and that I have scrached my preagnant belly. I showed her what looked bloody like a cut. It wasn't bad it just looked bad was a superficial wound nothing to worry about. I did see a bunch of kids running around it. I was afraid one of them was going to bang their head on it and cause some serious injury to themself. The sales person stood there and said "aha so what do you want me to do?" I said tell your manager to fix that rack. Before you meet someone who will want to get rich of walmart. This is one of the reazons why we always shopped online when we needed something from Walmart. After today I am not going on eather. I HATE WALMART !!!!!!!!!!

On December 22, 2007 at approximately 9 AM, We drove 21 miles from my rural home to the Fulton, KY Walmart Store to pick up a few last minute items for Christmas and complete my grocery shopping for my family Christmas dinner. I had my shopping list and my husband and I were having a great time finishing our shopping for our family. As we entered the store, the door greeter stopped me and asked if I had a new purse. Stunned, I answered no, I had the purse for over a year. He then asked me if I had new boots on. Still not understanding why he was asking the questions, I stated that my boots were over six years old and had been bought in Edinburg Texas while on vacation. He then told me that I had set off the alarm as I entered the store. We were shocked since we did not notice the door alarm going off as we enter the store. He made me go back through the door twice. He then took my purse and made me go back through the door again. Again the alarm went off. He asked me if I had anything in my pockets. I turned my pockets wrong side out to show him I did not have anything on me. I have never been so embarrassed in my life with all the people staring at me. He then asked me to follow him to the service desk where he asked the lady at the desk to scan me and see what was making the alarm go off. She said the only way she could do that was if I were to lay on the counter and let her scan my clothing. I had on a Christmas sweatshirt which I bought at Rural King back in November for our Agency annual underpriviledged childrens' Christmas program on December 13th, old jeans,boots and socks, nothing new at all. When she said I would have to lay on the counter to be scanned, my answer was "OH HELL NO". She then told me to go ahead with my shopping and tell the clerk when I checked out that I set the alarm off when I entered the store. By this time, I was in tears and so humiliated that I could not even follow my list of items I needed. If I hadn't driven so far to complete my shopping, I would have left the store. My husband took the list and helped me get through it. As I checked out, I carefully watched the clerk to make sure that everything was scanned so I would not set off the alarm as I went out. I told him what the service clerk had said and he told me I would have to tell the ladies at the door on my way out, which I did. After them checking my receipts, I started out the door and the alarm went off. I turned to them and said, "I have been humiliated enough today, and almost stripped searched. I am going out this door now. You can call the police or do what ever you need to do, but I am leaving. HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS." My husband and I left Walmart, with me in tears and a massive headache. When I got home, I removed all my clothing, turned it all wrong side out and found nothing that would have possibly set off an alarm. I had worn the same clothing in other stores and not once did an alarm go off. I e-mailed the Walmart Comment Dept. but never received a reply much less an apology for the embarrassment. I didn't want anything but an apology and an explaination as to why a customer entering the store would be treated in such a manner. I have resigned myself to never entering another Walmart Store to shop. If I can't find the items I need at another store, I will just do without. I am not a vendictive person, but the treatment I received was so unnecessary, and evidently, the Walmart Headquarters has gotten so big, they don't care about the customer's feelings anymore.

My story is not so bad as some of the others, but I went to Walmart in Fayetteville, NC on Ramsey Road last week to pick up a few groceries and to get a video game for my boys as they had been sick with the flu for a week and couldn't play outside. I got my groceries and then ran to the video game department. It took me 15 minutes to get a clerk to open the case and once she did, instead of taking my game to the checkout, she proceeded to hold onto it while she got games out for several other people--people who just wanted to browse the games, not buy. I waited another 15 minutes for Martina to take my games to the counter. Then, she rung me up, but proceeded to answer three phone calls and talk to numerous other customers with my change in her hand, preventing me from leaving. I couldn't believe how stupid and rude this woman was--while my frozen items melted she just kept talking to other people instead of finishing my sale. I rarely shop at Walmart anymore because I hate the crowds and the lines, but I will certainly never purchase from the electronics department again. And, it will be a long, long time before I go back to Walmart at all, if ever!

I have been doing my shopping at Walmart for as long as I can remember. I am somewhat satisfied with the prices but not the service.
I have also been doing my oil change on my 2001 plymouth neon for over seven years and last Friday I had one done. I was told by the mechanic that I need to replace the oil plugbecause it was loose. I went to the Dodge Dealer and bought it took it back to the mechanic who replaced same. He later told me that I did not need to replace the plug because it is the hole that is too big and the previous mechanic might have cork thread it. He told me that all he could do was to use some sealant to prevent the oil from leaking out. What kind of service is this and incompetency?

I've always held a minor irritation with Wal-Mart, but only a few times have been completely infuriated with their horrendous customer service. This morning, was one of those few times. I went into one of the Neighborhood Market locations to buy just a few items, including cigarettes, which are only sold at the customer service desk. I stood in line behind an employee who was buying merchandise and another gentleman who was buying two small items. When it came to my turn, the woman at the register didn't even look at me, as she was randomly holding conversations with other co-workers. Finally, as she, without a word to me, began scanning my merchandise, I asked for my cigarettes. I had seven items in total, should not have taken long to ring up, but yet, with her constant talking about seemingly nothing to her co-workers, it took forever. I had selected a magazine for purchase, and she was having a difficult time getting it to ring up, not her fault sure, but it took her forever and a day to figure out what was wrong, because it seems she couldn't run her jaw AND do her job at the same time. She got so confused by the magazine problem, that once she fixed it and continued ringing up my items, all the while still talking, that she wasn't paying attention to what she was doing, and the conditioner I thought she had already scanned, she scanned once more. I didn't say anything as I wasn't entirely sure, but I knew that I wasn't moving from that line after she was done until I had looked at my receipt. Sure enough, the conditioner was on there twice. So I immediately had to tell her of the discrepancy to which she seemed totally annoyed. I understand mistakes like that happen, I do, but the fact that she wasn't paying attention, was talking the whole time, and was just absent of the idea of customer service, I find the mistake less of a mistake, and more of incompetence. The best part of it all? Her name tag said she was the customer service manager.

I worked at walmart for almost a years now, and let me tell you customer how we feel. Most customer are nice but some are so rude. They blame you even though its not your fault, i mean just because you work there does not mean you did anything. Customer blame you if walmart price goes up, too cheap, all gone, or others. I mean people, I understand what customer who had bad experience feel, but do you really need to blame or put it on someone else just because they work there?

I agree that some walmart managers and emplyoees are a pain in the ass, and could be really rude. I know, even me, when I shoped at another walmart that I don't work at, most of the employee was very rude. NO hello, have a nice day or greeting at all. That is why, as a employee of walmart, I am sorry that most of you customers had such a bad experience and I really hope walmart can change that.

But people we are only human and no one is patient or nice forever. We bonds to make mistake or get angry easily. Again, I am sorry for all your pain. I am speaking on behalf of the good emplyoees and walmart( who is very slow at reponding back to customers comment).

I live in Georgetown sc, and as many people have written before me the wal-mart here has horrible customer service, I usally dont write complaints but what happened tonight is un called for.I was at wal-mart picking up some last minute things for valentines day around 9:30 pm, so as usual when I went to check out there were only two registers open, like always I waited my turn. When I got up to the register and it was my turn the cashier turns her light off and says we'll have to go to another line(and when i say we'll) I am talking about myself and about 20 or more other people who just wasted 30 minutes of there life standing in this horendace line.Needless to say I was mad, but not as mad as the man behind me, he asked to speak to the manager,when the manager came up he expressed how rude it is to shut down a register when we all have been waiting for at least 30 minutes, the manager said it is time for the cashier to go home and there was nothing she could do, when the man said pay her overtime so she can at least check out the people who have been standing here for so long, the manager then said that she cant do that and then added the cashier has worked all day and how would we like it if it was our time to go home and we had to stay over on our jobs, the man said whatever happened to customer service, the manager said you dont get it when your rood! the man then asked her to stay and check the rest of the people out she lauged and said we'll all have to go to the next line,witch was the only other line opened and had at least 30 people in it! I understand that wal-mart only cares about their billion dollar coporation,but enough is enough my time is precious to me and to be treated like crap time and time again and be made to wait that long when you have dozens of registers to check people out on is unaccaptable. How about wal-mart takes some of that money they make train people in customer service and hire more people,God knows there are plenty of people who need jobs. If i didnt live in such a small town with limited options for shopping I would never step a foot in a place that is so greedy with the money there coporation makes, that they cant even make changes in there customer service to better there company.I am sure wal-mart will never change for the better. P.S walmart you need to get it together,and make some changes!

I was in my local WalMart returning an XBOX 360 game that I got as a gift to exchange it for another. I was exchanging Assassin's Creed for Call of Duty 4 (both contain mildly graphic violence). Anyway when it was my turn at customer service the lady refunded my AC then rang up COD4, at which time she was prompted to ask for my ID because COD4 is rated M for "Mature" (for the sake of argument I decided not to mention that Assassin's Creed was also rated M for "Mature".

At this point I'd like to point out that I am 20 years old (almost 21). So I gave her my drivers license in which she informed that "she couldn't sell the game to me". Puzzled, I just stood there wondering what the problem could be. So I asked her to recheck my ID. Turns out she just thought I was under 18...

Frederick, Md Store off Rt85.
*Was in last PM had appox $85.00 worth of items in cart.
*Two check out lanes open ,at least 8 in each lane.
* 4 or 5 self checkout lanes open & at least
4 in each lane & the customers dickin' around takin' there good old time self checking out.
* Sorry folks, but i would never treat my customers like this. I also own a business & know what i'm talking about in this matter.
* This is what happends to large companies that get to big. They forget where they come from. YOU ALSO WILL FALL.
*Personally, I don't give a damn wheather you fall or not, I'd rather see some of the small mom's & pop's stores come back that you helped put out of business.
Never again folks will I pass thru your doors. To many other stores to choose from
that I don't have to put up with all of the
crap like I did last night.
Ralph C Myersvillle , MD.

I'm up set with wal-mart. i went to walmart yesturday to return a gift item i recieved for my daughter a month ago. i did not have a reciept due to the fact that it was a gift item. the costomer service clerk was a jerk. when i first approached the desk i was ignored by the clerk. and when she did decide to place her attention in my direction she was very rude to me. she had attitide and stated in a sarcastic voice "i don't know what you want us to do with this item, we can not let you return this item without a reciept." ohhh did i tell you that the item was still factory cealled. i did call the corparate office to file my complaint. lets see what type of responce i get back from them. i hope it's positive. i'll make sure to keep everyone posted with the outcome of this event. sly........

I actually love Walmart. I believe they are however turning into a corporation of greed. The places are almost always under staffed to save money and their employees have stricked hours. They can not go over their scheduled time or are told to cut even if only 2 minutes over their scheduled time. Ask a employee about over time they will have no clue what that is unless you ask one of their managers. Many managers are WAY over worked sometimes working double their scheduled work week. But leave that as it may most of their employees are friendlty and helpful and make everything else kind of fade into the background.

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