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Colbert & The Blogosphere

Whatever your opinion of Stephen Colbert's presentation at the recent White House Correspondents' Dinner, you must admit that it has created an interesting phenomenon.

Though the speech and its fallout have been barely mentioned on the mainstream news Web sites and in newspapers, it's currently one of the most hotly debated topics in the blogosphere. Why the disconnect?

I have no idea. Maybe simple praticality? If CNN or the Washington post discussed it, they would feel the need to provide a link to the video of the speech, which is difficult (or impossible, in the case of a print newspaper)? Are news journalists smarting at the criticism Colbert unleashed against their industry? Do they not agree with it? Did they not find it funny? Are they afraid of a negative reaction from readers? Do they think it better belongs in the realm of the entertainment and comedy media?

I'm happy to hear any opinions readers might have on the subject. I wanted to print the links so readers could watch the speech, but the source on which I viewed it a few days ago ( has taken them down due to "copyright problems". As far as I know, you can still view them on Salon ( if you're interested.




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