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Companies Expect IT Projects To Fail

January 3, 2008
A new study done by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) revealed some eyebrow-raising stats on the success (or lack thereof) of IT services projects.

According to TCS’ first annual survey on IT services delivery:

The most depressing stat was that, "43 percent of IT managers say that their organizations’ business managers and the board simply accept problems as a necessary evil."

I smell opportunities for forward-thinking IT service delivery providers.

Check out the full summary on TCS's Web site:


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Comments to Companies Expect IT Projects To Fail

  1. RE: Companies Expect IT Projects To Fail
    Jonty - Call Centre Helper :

    It is sad that so many IT projects fail.

    For me the two biggest reasons are

    1. Inability to map customer requirements to the project (I mean the end customer and not the internal customer).

    2. Lack of training internally. If people are trained they are much more likely to use the system (oh, and the training needs to come with some enthusiasm as well).

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