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David Sims' "India Versus China" Thoughts

July 14, 2005

In an article written this morning for TMCnet by David Sims, he notes he'd lay his money on India, not China, to be the Next Great Thing. He write, "The three main reasons, of course, are that India is a) a widely Anglophone democracy operating under the rule of law, b) serious about protecting property and intellectual rights, and c) highly entrepreneurial. China is none of those nor ever will be, and you can’t name a significant long-term world economic power in the last hundred years who’s not at least two out of those three."

All I can say is "Right on, David."

In casual talks about business with colleagues and friends, when the topic of China comes up, I feel like I'm howling at the wind. Does anyone remember that China is still a communist country with a dismal human rights record? Remember? Communism? Chairman Mao and all?

India is a democratic nation. It operates under English Common Law. Its court system makes sense to Westerners. It likes us. 

In terms of call think your customers can't understand Indian agents? Do you really believe that Chinese agents are going to be an improvement? How, exactly?

What if the political situation between the U.S. and China (always touchy) deteriorates in the next 10 years? What's going to happen to U.S. investments there? You think you'll get them back?

Things to think about.


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Comments to David Sims' "India Versus China" Thoughts

  1. RE: David Sims' "India Versus China" Thoughts
    VIJAY :

    ike to talk on facts...........
    I like to talk on facts...........

    1) Today India Sensex touched 14000 mark...i mean to say that the Mumbai floods even can't stop india from reaching that mark.This quarter India grew at 9% growth rate.

    2)As far as education system is concerned(since higher education is a sign of a stable system) Indian institutes like IITs and IIMs need not any introduction as one of the world's best brains are present here.

    3)Indian economy is not totally dependent on foreign investment as presently economy of China is.I mean to say that if Western economy dwindles impact on Indian economy will be negligible as compared to on China's.

    4)World class Indian companies like TATA,RELIANCE,WIPRO,INFOSYS,SATYAM etc. are growing at great pace so why can't foreign companies grow here......??

    5)India is largest democratic country in the world and 100% freedom is given to press here and you can entirely rely on its judiciary.

    I think these are the points which one consideres before investing money.

    The biggest threat to maintain stable economic growth that india faces is terrorism,castism and reservation but as Indian society is becoming litereate so the impact of these threats will not be longlasting

    And one more thing people are same everywhere whether it is India,Pakistan,Chinaor any part of the world.You may find good ones and sometimes not that much good as you are expecting, but pointing to any nation just by a bitter experience with one or two its citizen is not a good practise.

  1. RE: David Sims' "India Versus China" Thoughts
    Vivek Jain :

    Chinese and Indians both had the largest empires world have ever seen.Therefor, whether it is China or India, their time has arrived in this century. This century is theirs. Howver it is rank 1 or rabnk 2 it does not matter, both the civilisations have never degraded another civilisations, not carried out genocides by taking away far away lands ,slavery , looting other nations world wide. So China and India would not be bothered of ranks. For them it is not a zero sum game but a win win game. If they win, human race wins. If they lose, there is no hope for humanity.We have already seen what happened in 19th and 20th Century and also guys dont forget two centureies are drop in ocean in human history. Its the culture, values in these nations, that no on can ever stop them. These things one cannot steal.

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