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Disconnect From Customer Reality

April 4, 2007
I'm editing a contributed feature from Witness Systems for the May issue and ran across this tidbit of information that shocked even me:

"Global consultancy Bain & Company asked 362 companies whether they believed they had delivered a “superior experience” to their customers. Eighty percent of the companies said that they had indeed done so. Bain then asked the customers of these companies if they felt they’d received superior service. Only eight percent agreed that they had."

If the old phrase "delusions of adequacy" can be invoked here, it seems to apply in breathtaking amounts, to b-to-c company executives and management. One wonders what else in their business they are being so clueless about.

Starts to make you wonder if maybe Ken Lay and Bernie Ebbers really DIDN'T know what was going on right under their noses? I wouldn't go that far, but still...


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  1. RE: Disconnect From Customer Reality
    Michael Moser :

    I know this is an old thread, but as a former Worldcom customer service representative, I couldn't help but comment :

    1) Yes, I believe Bernie Ebbers didn't completely know what was going on.

    2) My department won customer satisfaction awards from J.D. Power & Associates shortly before our management began creative accounting.

    I think our quality of service was quite high while our finances were quite poor. I'm writing about that now, at

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