Cool Laptops

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Cool Laptops

As a follow-up to Rich Tehrani's celebrity-enhanced blog about hot laptops, I thought I'd post a celebrity-enhanced blog about cool laptops.

Did you know that actor Dean Haglund of "X-Files" fame (he played Richard Langly, one of the trio of "Lone Gunmen") invented a gadget called the ChillPak, an item designed to rest under a laptop to keep both the computer and the user cool? (Chilling the processor allows it to work faster than cooling from its less-efficient fan.)

And though it's not mentioned on the Web site, some medical studies have indicated that the heat from a laptop does no favors to a man's...err...reproduction equipment.

Haglund has a company called "Geek Chic" to market the invention.

Cool, huh?


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