Extraterrestrial Domain Registration

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Extraterrestrial Domain Registration

Do you have all the URLs you need to properly conduct your business? Do you have your product names all covered? Do you have a better URL than your competitors?


Now, do you have a proper domain extension to cover your business on Saturn? No? If you sell office paper and have the URL www.officepaper.com, what are you going to do to attract customers on Saturn? How can you have slipped up by letting www.officepaper.saturn go?

An organization which calls itself "The Lunar Embassy"  (http://www.lunarembassy.com/lunar/domainsind_e.lasso) has begun taking orders for must-have top-level domain names, including .lunar, .mars, .uranus, .jupiter, etc. (you get the picture.)

And by the way, if you're looking for real estate on the moon, the Lunar Embassy can take care of that for you, too.

You can never plan too far in advance.


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