mCommerce + eCommerce = Retail Success

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mCommerce + eCommerce = Retail Success

Forget home and business computers. mCommerce is the killer app for eCommerce, and together it will enable retailers to be successful now and going forward provided it is fully integrated with the stores.

Thanks to at last the widening 3G and nascent 4G networks, and increasingly user-friendly smartphones that permit easier keying and surfing, prospects and consumers are researching and buying online, anytime, anywhere. They will want the convenience of finding a product on a website, like a must-have gift, then texting or calling the merchant and having it set aside for purchase at the nearest location, then guaranteeing it with a credit card.

The Acquity Group has correctly identified, in a recent white paper, that eCommerce will be the top channel for growth in 2009. It is seeing major department stores, specialty retailers, and manufacturers continue to invest in improving eCommerce. It says the competitiveness of these industries and the increasing demands of consumers will continue to force these organizations to invest despite economic conditions. Cuts will occur, but because of the strategic importance of the online channel it will be the last place people stop investing.

The Acquity Group says "leaders in this space see the downturn as an opportunity to gain greater market share over their competitors and continue to grow sales in their
online channel. The rest are beginning to realize the importance of this
channel as well."

What is also needed is for the smartphone makers to think bigger and come up with a device about the size of a 4x6 pic with a keyboard that can actually be used, with minimal errors, and a screen that can actually be seen (especially for those of us 40+ and who have the disposable income), for some real serious online shopping, e-mailing, and work...

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