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Spam Headlines

I normally don't even register the spam anymore, I just delete it in large blocks. But every once in a while, a headline makes it through my pre-coffee subconscious. (And let's face it, my subconscious is the only part working before coffee).

Yesterday, for some inexplicable reason, every other spam I received was something about yachts. Buy yachts, sell yachts, check out this yacht, do you want a yacht? Get this penny stock and you can afford a yacht. Do you want to buy Viagra so you can have sex on a yacht?

The first thing I spotted this morning was clearly a foreign spam. Why? Because the title was "Britney Spears has dead." Nothing like making sure you can speak English first before you try and spam the population of an English-speaking country.

But the best, by far, was titled simply: "Don't Get Mad, Get Valium!"

Says it all, really.


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