Walmart Blogs Itself

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Walmart Blogs Itself

An article that appears in the NY Times ( today discusses the fact that Walmart appears to be employing bloggers to post positive comments about the media-challenged company.

My experience with Walmart and the blogosphere is rather different. A blog I posted last year about bad Walmart customer service has drawn a tirade of negative comments about the retail supergiant by readers. This truly is the company that everybody loves to hate. And until Walmart figures out why it deserves a lot of this criticism, it will continue to operate in the "point the gun, aim for the foot" method of publicity that it seems to enjoy.

Here's a link to the commentary on Walmart:



Feedback for Walmart Blogs Itself

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No wonder the clerks at Walmart pretend not to notice me and walk away when I go to pay for my stuff: They don't get paid enough to want to do anything.
By the way, since it is election time, do you know that Hilary Clinton was on the Board of directors for Walmart? She certainly has done a lot for the plight of poor people and women...

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