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Empirix And Audium Partner For VXML Testing

August 1, 2005

As I've mentioned before in countless articles and blogs, there is probably no other technology in the call center that needs to be more rigorously tested than self-service technologies, and speech-enabled IVRs probably fall at the top of that list.

Empirix, in conjunction with Audium, has applied its well known "Hammer testing" to VXML platforms (in particular the Cisco Customer Voice Portal). The service is called Hammer Service Assurance for Cisco CVP, and was created in conjunction with Audium, a company well known for its VXML software solutions.

The full release is below.


Empirix and Audium Partner to Help Enterprises Develop and Deploy More Reliable VXML Applications

NEW YORK --(Business Wire)-- Aug. 1, 2005 -- Companies jointly launch the first integrated testing and management solutions for VXML platforms and applications, with initial focus on Cisco Customer Voice Portal

From SpeechTEK 2005, Empirix Inc., the leader in helping organizations strengthen customer loyalty through assured Web and voice application performance, and Audium, the worldwide leader in packaged VoiceXML application software, announced today that they have partnered to help enterprises develop and deploy more reliable VXML IVR applications. Working together, the two companies are launching the first integrated testing and management solutions for VXML platforms and applications.
The initial deliverable of this partnership is a solution designed to ensure the quality of Cisco Customer Voice Portal (CVP) applications called Hammer Service Assurance for Cisco CVP; similar testing and management solutions for other leading VXML platform vendors will follow. Hammer Service Assurance for Cisco CVP is a managed service that allows enterprises to reap the benefit of Empirix and Audium's deep experience with VXML application lifecycle and quality assurance, and lowers the barriers to implementing thorough testing and management practices.

Measuring VXML Application Quality from the Caller's Perspective

Empirix and Audium's integrated testing and management solutions focus on the quality perspective that matters most - that of the caller. Based on Empirix's patented Hammer technology - a voice transaction engine that can hear, speak and listen just as a caller can - they combine a test harness built by Audium with Empirix's managed services for pre-deployment testing and production monitoring of voice applications.

The first deliverable of the partnership, Hammer Service Assurance for Cisco CVP, consists of:

-- An Audium integration application designed to certify functionality of the IVR platform, and incorporating specific knowledge of CVP;

-- Empirix's Hammer OnCall managed service for pre-deployment testing; and

-- Empirix's OneSight Voice Watch managed service for production monitoring.

Organizations that use the service earn the right to apply the "Hammer Tested" emblem to their applications.

John Hernandez, director of product and solutions marketing in Cisco's customer contact business unit, voiced his support for the joint Empirix/Audium offering for Cisco CVP. "For enterprise customers, the Empirix/Audium solution makes it much easier to implement best testing practices," said Hernandez. "We're pleased to see Cisco's technology leadership recognized in the decision to focus the initial product release on Cisco CVP."

Achieving "Hammer Tested" VXML Applications

"Empirix is known for its unique capabilities for ensuring the quality of voice applications - the term 'Hammer Tested' is a globally recognized symbol of quality in our industry," said Michael Bergelson, President and Co-Founder of Audium. "Working together, Empirix and Audium can provide platform-specific testing and management solutions with built-in knowledge of common VXML performance issues, so that enterprises can identify and correct problems before they affect the caller experience."

Jeff Fried, Chief Technology Officer for the Enterprise Solutions Group at Empirix, said, "Customers form a lasting impression of an enterprise based on their initial contact center experience. If that experience is a bad one, the damage can be irreparable. The joint testing and management solutions being offered by Empirix and Audium, which is known for its prowess in the VXML software space, will help ensure that enterprise VXML applications deliver the highest possible quality of service, and help enterprises achieve their intended goals for VXML application rollouts and upgrades."

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