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Longview IoT Boosts Energy and Wireless Efficiency

Some of the biggest challenges slowing down the adoption of IoT are security, efficient battery usage and optimized wireless communications.One company has...

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Hallmark's Simple, Inexpensive Way to Boost Customer Satisfaction

In an effort to boost margins, companies often push more users to automated solutions such as FAQs, chatbots, voice bots and anything...

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Huawei Places the World's First 5G VoNR Video Call

Huawei recently completed the world's first voice over NR (VoNR) call. The voice and video call service was made using two Huawei...

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IGEL Advances Future of Work

IGEL is a provider of a next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces. The company’s software products include IGEL OS, IGEL UD Pocket (UDP) and Universal...

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Tata Communications and Cisco Collaborate on SD-WAN

Tata Communications and Cisco have extended their partnership to enable enterprises to transform their legacy network to a customized and secure multi-cloud...

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How to Win the 50-Year-Old China Trade War

Today and this week in-fact is historic - the left and right in the U.S. agree that we have a major trade...

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Extreme Elements Enables The Autonomous Enterprise

Extreme Networks just announced Extreme Elements which in-turn enables the autonomous network and subsequently the autonomous enterprise. In a dynamic webinar, Dan...

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Death To The Dancing Paperclip

May 5, 2005

Has anyone else noticed that with each new rendition of Windows, particularly in MS Word, the "help" factor (otherwise known as the "idiot" factor)¬ keeps getting ratcheted up? MS Word used to be a very basic, stripped¬ down¬ word processing solution. That was great. We thought for ourselves.

Financial Services Offshoring On The Rise

May 5, 2005

According to a report announced this morning by Datamonitor, "Global sourcing in European and North American Financial Services,"¬ financial services companies are in part driving the boom growth numbers in offshore outsourcing. Both North American and European financial services providers (particularly U.K. and Scandinavian companies) are increasingly sending core competency processes (mortgage processing, insurance underwriting, claims processing)¬ offshore. Part of the reason, according to the report, is the increasing flexibility to do so that today's enterprise technologies provide for.

Data Is A Plural Word

May 4, 2005

Unless you're referring to the opalescent green dude from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

This is an error made by so many people in business that today, using the word correctly sounds "odd." It may sound odd, but the word "data" is plural. The singular form of the word is "datum."


EADS TELECOM North America Changes Name To Aastra Intecom

May 3, 2005

Hosted CRM Plus A Little More

May 3, 2005

Hosted CRM provider NetSuite recently announced its release of NetSuite CRM+, a full-service, hosted-delivery CRM product with some extras.

Unless you've been living in a closet for the past year, you will have noticed that the hosted CRM market is heating up considerably. Try reading the business and technology news on a daily basis without coming across information about Siebel or, plus smaller players such as Contactual, Salesnet or NetSuite.

NetSuite, aware it's operating in a busy market, launched CRM+ to be a little more than many customers might expect.

Shocking News: CRM Doesn't Implement Itself

April 28, 2005

First, I'll say I hate the term CRM and always have. It's nebulous, fatuous, non-descriptive and confusing, and if you ask 99 people what it means, you'll get 99 different definitions. That said, I believe in the concept of CRM and bristle a bit when other news organizations and analysts talk about "the failure of CRM" as if it's the fault of the concept or the software that enables it.

It appears that someone agrees with me.

GeoLearning CEO Finalist For Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award

April 27, 2005

Congratulations¬ go today¬ to¬ GeoLearning's CEO Frank Russell, selected as a finalist for the very prestigious 2005 Ernst & Young Enterpreneur of the Year Award. GeoLearning, which produces products and services in the hosted e-learning and training environments, as grown more than 400 percent in the previous four years, a testament to both company quality and the explosion in popularity of the e-learning and interactive training methods as opposed to traditional, dry classroom training for call center professionals.


Frank Russell, president and CEO of GeoLearning, Inc., has been named a finalist for the 2005 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Gryphon Offers Regulatory Update

April 26, 2005

Perseus Releases New Web Survey Tool

April 26, 2005

Far away are the olden days when companies could put content and functionality onto their Web sites, cross their fingers and hope. It really didn't matter if people had problems with your Web wasn't their primary mode of communication with you, and it wasn't necessary to respond to customer e-mails. No one did, after all.

When companies finally began monitoring how their virtual customers were interacting with their Web sites, the surveys were cumbersome, limited¬ and needed to be designed by professionals.

Grab Your Towel, The Vogons Are Coming

April 25, 2005

""'People of Earth, your attention please,' a voice said, and it was wonderful. Wonderful perfect quadraphonic sound with distortion levels so low as to make a brave man weep.

'This is Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz of the Galactic Hyperspace Planning Council,' the voice continued. 'As you will no doubt be aware, the plans for development of the outlying regions of the Galaxy require the building of a hyperspatial express route through your star system, and regrettably your planet is one of those scheduled for demolition. The process will take slightly less than two of your Earth minutes.

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