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SAP Shows Up In The Same Prom Dress As Siebel

May 18, 2005's always amusing to watch two large companies in a competitive space react to one another like two teenage girls showing up at the prom in the same poufy strapless gown. Hard on the heels of SAP's announcement about the next generation of mySAP CRM, Siebel felt the need to issue a statement. I faithfully reprint it below:

"Siebel Systems is the market leading provider of customer-facing solutions. The vast majority of leading companies in vertical markets such as Life Sciences, High Tech Manufacturing, Communications, Government, and Financial Services use Siebel for their customer-facing systems," said David Schmaier, Executive Vice President at Siebel Systems. "Every year, SAP releases the next version of its CRM product that is supposedly going to cut into Siebel's marketshare. But 9 - 10 years after their first product introduction, the reality is that SAP has at best 160,000 seats of its CRM in use while Siebel has more than 3.2 million 'live' users."

Whew. Siebel has no problem keeping mum when we ask them about their own developments or news, but hopped to the press conference table in microseconds after the SAP release.


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  1. RE: SAP Shows Up In The Same Prom Dress As Siebel
    Shaina :

    All I can say is it's ABSOLUTELY all have done a wonderful job, I'm thrilled!!!
    Lets leave the flowers on the front off since they aren't really going to be seen. I kind of like the simplicity of just the plain white w/the color around the bottom. She's such a little girl I think simple is better. But I'm definitely satisfied the the decision to put the flowers on the back. And your idea to put both the chocolate/pink together was fabulous.. it's beautiful!! And the little headband is great as well. It's all just perfect!!
    Thank you so much for all your help!

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