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January 15, 2008
What is Quantcast? It's essentially a team of Web analytics experts who work to help companies understand their U.S.-based Web audiences for the purpose of marketing and advertising. Why is this important? Because a Quantcast study has revealed that when it comes to call center content, TMCnet not only reaches more call center prospects than any other site, but has 23 times more reach than the next 10 call center sites combined.

You heard right. 23 times more.

TMCnet's monthly U.S. Visitors was measured at 870,019.
The next 10 sites combined totaled 37,275.

These next 10 sites include,,, and others.

In fact, TMC blog sites alone reach nearly four times the prospects of any other call center/communications site.

For all the call center news and analysis that can help you run your customer-facing business to its full potential, bookmark TMCnet.

For a comparison of how TMCnet dominates in IP communications, visit Rich Tehrani's blog at


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