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"Top 10 In The World" Spammer Arrested

May 31, 2007

You've probably never heard of 27-year-old Seattle-based Robert Alan Soloway.

But he knows you.

He has helped legions of people try to sell you Viagra, miracle weight loss cures, hair regrowing serum, vitamins and Canadian drugs. He's helped people inform you that you won the lottery in countries you've never visited He's the enabler who lets people pretending they are your bank contact you because they just happened to forget your account number and need you to remind them. Oh...and your PIN and your mother's maiden name, while you're at it. He's a partner to millions of faux  rich Nigerian widows and orphans who need YOUR help to get their millions out of the country.

The Spamhaus Project calls him one of the Top 10 worst spammers in the world, to the point where his arrest should actually be noticeable to the rest of us in terms of decreased spam.

And today, he's someone's "special pal" in prison and could be for decades to come. And if that fact doesn't make you smile just a little bit, you're a much more virtuous person than I am.


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