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Vodafone Pulls It Together With Jacada Fusion

July 12, 2005

Jacada announced this morning a new user: British wireless company Vodafone. The company adopted Jacada's Fusion product.

I like this product. If you haven't seen it in action, this is what it does: It takes the multitude of screens that call center agents need to keep open at all times: CRM, e-mail, SFA, Web chats, WFM, call recording, etc., and merges them into one screen. The amount of time wasted in call centers by agents toggling back and forth between as many as nine different applications is enormous. Between the physical switching, there is also the mental adjustment ("What screen am in now? Where's the pertinent info located for THIS system") that adds precious minutes onto contact center interaction. Under Fusion, everything comes into one GUI, allowing the agent to view one screen, all the time.

Just imagine the metrics that can be improved under these circumstances. They're truly almost limitless.


Jacada Announces that Vodafone UK Signs Enterprise License Agreement for Jacada Fusion

ATLANTA – July 12, 2005 – Jacada Ltd. (Nasdaq: JCDA) today announced that it has entered into an enterprise license agreement with Vodafone UK.  Based on the successful outcome of an initial project in the customer retention contact center, Vodafone UK has purchased an enterprise license and will implement Jacada Fusion in more of its UK contact centers and retail outlets.  As was announced on March 30, 2005, the software license agreement is expected to yield several million dollars over the coming quarters.


Vodafone UK is a member of the world’s largest mobile network, has 15.2 million UK customers and offers a wide range of voice and data communications.


Vodafone implemented Jacada Fusion to simplify how contact center agents in its SAVES group access and utilize applications across different computing platforms, as multiple problems resulted from having agents accessing two separate systems with no real-time data exchange or updates. With Jacada Fusion, agents can now access and utilize the separate systems through a single user interface, eliminating time consuming processes and tasks brought on by the disparate systems.


Through the single user interface, an agent can now look up customer information; perform a security check; check and order handset stock; build a deal; and automatically complete the wrap-up process.


“By employing Jacada Fusion, Vodafone has cut the time of a successful customer retention call by 50%, and we completely eliminated our manual call wrap-up process,” said Steve Johnson, chief architect at Vodafone.


“Vodafone selected Jacada Fusion because it provided a non-intrusive, rapid and cost-effective solution to help our retention group improve productivity,” said Johnson. “Jacada Fusion met our criteria on several levels. It utilizes the systems we already have in place and is 100% non-intrusive, so it required no changes to our existing Windows and host-based legacy systems. In addition, the rapid design and development environment provided for an unmatched ten-week development cycle of the Jacada Fusion-enabled transactions.”


“Jacada is very pleased that Vodafone had experienced such success with Jacada Fusion,” said Jeremy Young, UK country manager for Jacada. “We look forward to working closely with Vodafone as they deliver a Single User Interface company wide to their retail stores, inbound call centers, and corporate functions.”


About Jacada - Jacada solutions help customers rapidly simplify and improve high-value business processes while eliminating the traditional long and expensive systems replacement projects. Jacada solutions are deployed in over 100 contact centers to over 100,000 customer service representatives (agents) worldwide, and to millions of users through self-service applications designed to off-load contact center activity. Jacada has over 1200 customers worldwide including major Fortune 1000 corporations and government organizations such as AAA Mid-Atlantic, Bank of America, Caterpillar, Delta Air Lines, The Hartford, Lillian Vernon, the U.S. Navy, Nationwide, Porsche Cars North America, Prudential, Raytheon, and West Corporation.  Founded in 1990, Jacada operates globally with offices in Atlanta, Georgia; Herzliya, Israel; and London, England. Jacada can be reached at or at 1-800-773-9574.

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