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Telstra Interconnects Dispersed PBXs Over Virtual Private Network

March 31, 2005

Telstra Incorporated, a global provider of advanced communications services to multinational corporations, issued an¬ announcement today regarding the availability of T-VoIP, the company's¬ global VoIP offering. Here is a summary:

T-VoIP was developed¬ to provide multinational corporations with a quality solution to control, manage and reduce global telecommunications costs.

Comcast VoIP: An Extra $10 To Bang My Head Against The Wall

April 14, 2005

Before I muse a little¬ on the news highlighted by¬ Johanne Torres' recent article on TMCnet, "Comcast VoIP Plan Rolls Out in Boston and Hartford, CT," (http://www.tmcnet.com/tmcnet/articles/2005/comcast-voip-digital-voice-boston-hartford.htm), I'll say first that I'm a Comcast customer, by virtue of where my house happens to be,¬ for both cable television and broadband. I've written in the past before about how I¬ find Comcast to be the most customer-service challenged company I've ever had the displeasure to deal with. Each interaction with Comcast takes a year off my life...I'm convinced of it.

Reading Johanne's article this morning, I find that Comcast is ready to offer me VoIP phone service.

Packet8 VideoPhones On Stargate SG-1 And Stargate Atlantis

July 21, 2005

How cool is this?

Packet8 has announced that the Sci-Fi Channel's "Stargate SG-1" and "Stargate Atlantis" will be implementing new characters in their new seasons...Packet8 IP VideoPhones.

I'll tell my guy friends this exciting news, but I'm sure they already knew about it...they've all been particularly eager to watch this new season in which "Farscape" alumna Claudia Black joins the cast, wearing tight leather outfits. It must be because of those video phones they're so eager to watch...

SPIRIT DSP Allocates Millions to Voice R&D

July 22, 2005

SPIRIT DSP, a Moscow-based provider of embedded voice communication software, today announced its¬ allocation of¬ $6.38 million from the company‚Äôs profits to voice-related R&D within the next 12 months.


The budget will aim to extend the current SPIRIT 80 telecom engineers development team by another 30 VoIP professionals by the fourth quarter of this year. The corporate strategy targets the further strengthening of the company's position in the voice processing market.


SPIRIT‚Äôs TeamSpirit product is a multipoint voice conferencing engine¬ designed to efficiently handle all issues of voice communication over packet networks, and it enables a complete multipoint voice conferencing functionality within integrated communication and collaboration server solutions.

VoIP Satisfaction

September 12, 2006

TMCnet's Susan Campbell wrote an article today called, "Study: Customer Satisfaction with VoIP Higher than Traditional and Mobile Services" about a survey conducted by Level 3 Communications. The article states that, "In fact, the study reveals that 86 percent of VoIP customers are very satisfied with their service, compared to 74 percent satisfaction among traditional landline customers and 66 percent satisfaction among wireless customers."

I can happily report that I am one of those people who are happier with their VoIP service than other telecom services. But I've got an easy reason:

Vonage Injunction

March 23, 2007

A federal judge today issued a permanent injunction against Vonage due to cited use of Verizon Communications' patents (found to be the case in a previous jury decision).

The judge said "he will not formally enter the injunction for another two weeks while he considers Vonage’s request to stay the injunction. Vonage is requesting a stay of either 120 days or until its appeal is heard," according to MSNBC.

Great. Time to find another carrier.

Read the full article here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17756147/


IT Expo West--and IP--is Hot!

July 21, 2008

Forget about the economic cooldown: the IP solutions market is hot!

As proof, Rich Tehrani reports in his blog that over 90 percent of booth space at Internet Telephony Conference and Expo West (IT Expo) http://www.tmcnet.com/voip/conference/, which is being held Sept.16-18 in Los Angeles is sold out.


Few other technologies have the ability to deliver both cost savings and quality service as the IP-enabled applications and tools, which now support nearly every facet of contact center operations: from routing to recording, to CRM, and to linking home-based agents.

If you are a contact center executive you will find a strong ROI from attending IT Expo even with higher airfares and gas costs, You will pick up insights from a great roster of speakers and from finding out firsthand about IP-enabled products and services from exhibitors.

Bell Dings

July 28, 2008

Communications giant Bell Canada does not get often get much praise by consumers, telco professionals, and the media in its "home and native land".

This traditional of the traditional telcos has plodded behind the cable companies and others in offering competitive pricing and new services like residential IP and sometimes indifferent service. Not surprisingly, more consumers have let the old TDM-carrying copper wires go dead and instead are plugging into coaxial cable or go wireless altogether--including with firms other than Bell.

Bell, and some of its other communications counterparts have been ripped into by consumer advocates for their decision to charge for inbound text messages, including spam. Two Quebec residents, one a Bell customer, and the other a Telus subscriber, have just launched a lawsuit against the two carriers.

End of the Line for Toll-Free Numbers?

July 31, 2008

Today is the 'last run' for the toll-free number connecting New Jersey Transit, the third largest transit agency in the US, with its customers.

Could this be the beginning of the end for toll-free numbers in North America?

NJ Transit has since June been switching callers from 800-772-2222 to 973-275-5555. When you call the toll free number today you will get a recorded message asking you to call the 973 number And according to an opinion piece in the July 22 Cherry Hill (NJ) Courier-Post, after July 31, there will no longer be any message at the 1-800 number.

Home working, customer care insights from ITEXPO West

September 17, 2008

While managing the SIP in the Contact Center Certification track at ITEXPO West yesterday I came across two excellent insights courtesy of the speakers and the attendees.

In a discussion following TDI CTO Mark Moore's session on enabling home-based agents arose the issue of how to manage bandwidth at home agents' premises, what with everyone else in the household tapping into wireless networks unbeknownst to the agents.

The concern is to make sure the demand on the pipe at home is not constricted to the point where agents cannot access applications they need. This can be an issue in many households, especially with teenagers...one that I will be looking into...and reporting back on.

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