VoIP Satisfaction

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VoIP Satisfaction

TMCnet's Susan Campbell wrote an article today called, "Study: Customer Satisfaction with VoIP Higher than Traditional and Mobile Services" about a survey conducted by Level 3 Communications. The article states that, "In fact, the study reveals that 86 percent of VoIP customers are very satisfied with their service, compared to 74 percent satisfaction among traditional landline customers and 66 percent satisfaction among wireless customers."

I can happily report that I am one of those people who are happier with their VoIP service than other telecom services. But I've got an easy reason:

Former bill from SBC for the privilege of keeping a (practically unused) landline: $42.

Current cell phone bill, for the privilege of using my phone maybe 60 minutes per month: $40.

Vonage bill: $14.99 plus tax.

Whoever said "money doesn't buy happiness" never considered that saving money on telecom bills can bring something close to it, at least in a small measure.


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