Germans Host Mobile Phone Throwing Contest

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Germans Host Mobile Phone Throwing Contest

Ever wanted to hurl your phone away from you in frustration? Unless you're Russell Crowe in a New York hotel lobby, chances are, you generally restrain yourself. But now's your chance to do it officially, with chances to win prizes. On June 25th, Germany will play host to an expected 160 contenders in the mobile phone throwing championships. The winner will, of course, be eligible for the world championships to be held in Finland this August. (No, I'm not making this up.)

You'd better start working on your throw now, however...the world record is 82.55 meters...that's over 270 feet for those of us who are metric-challenged. (And by the way...perhaps Russell Crowe was just practicing for the championship, did anyone think of that?)


BERLIN: Germans will bring new meaning to the term "long-distance call" when they compete in the country's first mobile phone throwing championships later this month.

At least 160 competitors are expected to take part in the contest in Bielefeld, on June 25, with the winners qualifying for the world championships in Finland in August.

The organiser of the German event, Virpi Staar, said on Thursday: "People often get annoyed with their mobile phones and want to chuck them as far as they can. Now is their chance."

The competition phones must weigh between 200 and 400 grams.

"Opinions differ on which brands and what weight is best for throwing," Staar said.

The German competitors have some way to go to beat the world record which currently stands at 82.55m.

The best by a German is the 67.50m achieved by Nico Morawa last October.

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