Peeling The Couch Potato Off The Couch

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Peeling The Couch Potato Off The Couch

Addicted to your favorite television show? Unable to function without regular updates from your preferred television shows and TV personalities? Fret no further, you'll soon be able to keep abreast on your mobile phones. The entertainment industry, slavering over the seemingly weekly new entrant of alternative forms of media into the market, is giving birth to the concept of "mobisodes," minute-long teasers and snippets of your favorite shows, delivered to your wireless device. The new V Cast mobile video service, based on 3G wireless broadband, was debuted recently by Verizon as a joint venture with Vodafone Group PLC. Quality for the mobisodes will be, according to the companies, crystal clear and sharp, thanks to its Verizon Wireless' Evolution Data Optimized (EV-DO) network, which Verizon touts as the fastest widely available wide-area wireless broadband network in the country.

Thus far, plans are afoot to deliver mobisodes of "24" and "The Simple Life," with everyone's favorite rocket scientists, Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie. In the pipleline now is content to accompany the upcoming "Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith." Each mobisode will cost viewers about 99 cents each, or a flat rate of $15 a month added to their Verizon bills for unlimited video content.

"'The Simple Life: Interns' mobisodes are designed to bring a whole new dimension, and new viewers, to the show as they run on Verizon Wireless' cutting-edge V CAST service," said Lucy Hood, News Corp Senior Vice President of Content and Marketing of Fox's Mobile Entertainment division.

New viewers? If I don't watch the show on television, what are the chances I'll be slavering to tune in to a two by two inch screen to watch Paris Hilton cleaning toilets and milking cows?

Now...throw me some never-before-seen content of CSI's William Petersen, and I might be game. Hell, I'll even pull over to the side of the road for that.


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