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CallFire is pleased to announce the launch of its International Voice Broadcast service. CallFire listened to client requests and developed arguably the largest new feature since its founding. Previously, CallFire campaigns only supported valid US and Canadian phone numbers. Now, CallFire supports nearly anywhere in the world.

Rates vary based on the destination of the calls, and begin at 3.5 cents per minute. To find out the rate of a given country, go to the rate lookup page and click on the country, search by the country name, or type in an actual phone number. To learn more about International Voice Broadcast, watch m0re from the project's lead developer, Pete Shah:


Cloud Call Center by CallFire

December 1, 2009 7:05 PM | 0 Comments

Cloud Call Center - A hosted power dialing solution by CallFire. 100% pay-as-you-go, starting at only $2/hour/agent. No setup fees or contracts. 

Call us: 877.897.FIRE
Visit us:

Features include:
Power Dialer (4:1 call ratio)
Script & data popup Call transfer
Call recording
Call dispositions & statistics
MachineSkip answering machine avoidance
SmartDrop answering machine messaging
6am-6pm live customer care
24x7 email support
Campaign, list & sound mgmt
DTMF passthrough
Customer history & notes
DNC / FTC compliance info
Remote / home agents
Real time reporting
APIs to control campaigns
CRM integration support
Agent monitoring barge (silent)
Upload contacts in Excel
Agent reports & statistics
Description of some great new features by CallFire experts!
CallFire is conducting a developer challenge. The contest is to use any of CallFire's APIs to develop a dating application, and the winner will win an new Amazon Kindle. VP Buisness Development, TJ Thinakaran speaks to welcome all developers to the challenge:

Video: CallFire CEO, Dinesh Ravishanker, briefly discusses the impact of SIP and XMPP standards on CallFire customers and unified voice communications as a whole. Google Voice, Gizmo5, AIM, Grasshopper and others are mentioned within the talk.

Original Link: Video on Google Voice & Open Standards 


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