The Death of the Cassette: Anthony Robbins

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The Death of the Cassette: Anthony Robbins

My TV keeps me company in my late hour work and my hotel rooms.  Often I wake up to the infomercial dujour.  Anthony Robbins is on a lot these days with a 19.95 offer.  I have been trying to understand why so cheap.

Then I noticed the offer was only for the audio cassette.

My guess is that he got caught thinking that cassette was a constant business. I think we can assume that the tipping point has occurred for digital media.

This point is important for us to learn from.  A friend at Cisco was instrumental in making sure the 5000 series did not ramp up for continued growth in dialup.  He showed the bell curve and warned that the demand was going to have them over produce.

Understanding how to manage user demand is a real problem as we converge the business.  CDMA was never in Apples cards, which made the relationship with ATT the right choice.  (A friend and I were trying to figure out how hard the IPhone would have impacted ATT if Verizion had had the exculsive).  But given the desire to serve the world 3G was always in the cards for the Iphone.

Nintendo had the same problem with managing WII demand.  (Do you think they could have solf more if demand was matched in the early years?)

Now we have to cope with convergence CDMA, HSPA, GPRS all coming to re

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