Widget Wonders & Apps Trap

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Carl Ford

Widget Wonders & Apps Trap

Finally some sense out of someone about the App Store.

Today's Journal calls Malcolm Gladwell out on his favorable view of the ability to charge for content thanks to the app store. 

Shaw Wu from Kaufman Brothers points out that at best the store is generating 1% of the revenue for the hardware.

My friend Dave Jodoin says it well about apps in general we have a long way to go.

If you asked me which is more important to build a widget or an app, I would vote for a widget that connects to you through the cloud rather than an app that traps you on a device.

As a primer lets define our terms this way.

An app needs to communicate with the OS
A widget just needs to communicate with the web

If you follow this logically this race to the app store that is going on is just one more blue tulip bulb (holy cow now entry in wikipedia for this) in a world that should have benefited form experience by this time.

Widgets I believe make so much more sense on so many more levels and yet its the weak sister right now.

And when Google announces its heading toward an OS that makes the problems worse. (more on this with another blog).

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