Lightsquared Goes to the Beyond

Carl Ford : 4G: For Generations to Come
Carl Ford

Lightsquared Goes to the Beyond

It is painful to watch the corpses of competition.  I tried to by Clearwire service over the weekend and that was outright painful.  Lightsquared at least never was in a store I could go to so buying the alternative service was never an option.

Lightsquared had the dubious challenge of restating its goals and making the GPS community come after them like villagers chasing Frankenstein.

Unfortunately, the monies involved the mistakes made all make it harder for rest of the industry.

We actually have a robust competitive marketplace in shallow end of the pool.  We have lots of interesting and self sustaining operators in the WISPA community that deserve a lot of credit.

Tapping into that community is what I thought I should expect from these companies that claimed to be ready to play the carriers carrier game.

It has not really happened.  And what is worse it makes it harder for people to risk the choice.

Washington had hoped that competition would be fed by the cable operators, but with the Spectrum Co deal the marketplace looks more like a duopoly than a competitive environment.

So lets hope that something comes out of the courts that makes for a real market.