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March 2010

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Giving Voice to 4G the Carriers Choice

March 11, 2010

Free Webinar The announcements of One Voice late last year, has been renamed and Voice over LTE [VoLTE]. The GSMA with the help of other organizations are facilitating the advancement of the standard implementation. VoLTE has rapidly become the primary strategy for most mobile operators for deliverying packetized voice. I recommend you come to the [...]

Is Skype Mobile the Exception or the Rule?

March 10, 2010

Verizon Wireless and Skype provided a model for the VoIP provider to meet the wireless operator, but the model is probably not how must carriers will meet.

Next week we are running a webinar about Voice over LTE [VoLTE] which is an interoperabilty standard that the carriers are looking to deploy complying with the 3GPP architecture.

While other proposals have been out there, the VoLTE group represents the scale and overall perspective of the GSMA carrier membership.

It's a SIP based solution using the IMS standard, so in the end it may be that only the larger operators are going to interconnect.  However it may be that because of this common platform new services will be available to third parties.

These are the questions that I am looking to get answers to when I attend the webinar March 18th and 11 EDT.

To join us sign up here.

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