4G LTE It's Rockin The Speeds and Feeds.

Carl Ford : 4G: For Generations to Come
Carl Ford

4G LTE It's Rockin The Speeds and Feeds.

It’s hard to argue with common sense.


For those who don’t know Verizon is making it happen with over 160 cities turned up so far with amazing speeds above their promised numbers.  Once the load gets on the network they will deliver what they promised, but as Chris points out it’s hard to imagine an application for consumers that notices the difference between 10 MB down and 21 MB down.

While attending the IIT RTC event I was fortunate to interview with Chris Mayer of Verizon about the state of 4G LTE.  Chris is involved in the development and design of systems integration and testing and his insight as to where we stand with Verizon Wireless 4G LTE roll out is informative. 

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