The Power at the Edge

Carl Ford : 4G: For Generations to Come
Carl Ford

The Power at the Edge

People are expecting that the way they communicate in their everyday life is all part of the services they buy with their phone.  The regulatory concepts of access and content mean little to end user.  They expect that everything works, and they have not noticed that everything does not work together. The Real time communications event did a nice job of exploring that opportunity. 

SIP is being pushed into the Web with RTCWeb and the rich media opportunities that provides. Texting and videos to 911 are assumed even though no process is in place to accept them.

I should also mention that the kids at the lab have done a lot thanks to corporations using the lab as a resource.  Carol Davids is looking to support corporations with lab work performed by IIT students.  If you want to see what a millennial will do with your product, you might want to put it in their hands at IIT.

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