And the Wisdom to Know the Difference

Carl Ford : 4G: For Generations to Come
Carl Ford

And the Wisdom to Know the Difference

In the world of 12 steps you confide in your sponsor, you reach out to the newcomer and you stay focused on recovery.

So it was with some dread that I saw the picture of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous in the deal book of the NY times.

While it is nice to know that even stock brokers can experience recovery, and its also nice to see the SEC chasing leads on insider trading. I am not sure where the line was crossed. 

It bothers me that a "member" was dealing with a merger with a Japanese company and perhaps was being tested by the saki toasts.

It does not say if the person was his sponsor.

It does remind me that Rockefeller was right to not let money muck up this recovery thing.

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