Does Windows 8 Give us a Short Time View on Intel?

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Carl Ford

Does Windows 8 Give us a Short Time View on Intel?

We used to refer to them as WINTEL. Microsoft and Intel were connected to each other at the hip.  Servers, Desktops, Laptops all were in their sphere of control. 

Then Came Linus Torvold's contribution to the Unix world and we got a stable open source kernel that stopped the warring factions on Unix and made Linux and LAMP the server side solution.  It also seperated Intel from Microsoft in a big way.  They could preload the OS all they wanted but the market wanted more.

Now we come to the mobile era and the impact of Apple stealing the show from just about everyone.  Apple has become the enemy to the ARMy of companies that make chips and devices.  This gave rise to Android capturing a huge percentage of the marketplace.

But it's not over.  While I have not seen it yet, many people I trust are impressed with Windows 8 and for Microsoft and companies like Qualcomm, it is time to come to a love feast (see ).

The question is what can they develop that will give the customer base in MS Windows a drive to port.  So much of IT has become Apple, it's clear that a rebuilt IT wall will not win.  But there are interesting ways to find a path here and I know Redmond has some great ideas they have worked on.  

Let's see where this all takes us.

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