Rule Tata! Tata Rules the (Air) Waves

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Carl Ford

Rule Tata! Tata Rules the (Air) Waves

It is inevitable that monies acquired need to find a place to be spent.  In the case of Tata buying Cable and Wireless it's got the benefit of historical irony and today's common sense. 

Cable and Wireless has always been good at milking cash cows.  The company that started as the sealant manufacturer for undersea cables has come along way and has been the incumbent in many places where the British Empire once ruled (including India).

Now Tata is considering buying Cable & Wireless and it makes a lot sense to me given the capabiliities of Tata.  This would put them out as more than the India Giant but a global competitor on the scale of BT, Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange etc.

It also makes the cash cow better at OpEx.  While Cable & Wireless is a well known name its visions of the future have not been particularly impressive.  We can make the claim that just combining with Tata makes the company a thought leader. 

So lets hope this happens for all of the customer's sakes.

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