Google Earnings Drop Shows a Shift on Top

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Carl Ford

Google Earnings Drop Shows a Shift on Top

While the news leaked early and made tweets look like a stock ticker, the data behind the story tells a different story.

As you will recall from discussions with Bill Volk that later were reported in Gigaom,  the difference in the world of Android and Apple has a lot to do with the charging for an app vs. the commercials around an app.

In the recent Google Earnings" href="" target="_blank">WSJ article the statement is made "About half of all U.S. mobile ad spending goes toward search ads, more than the roughly 47% of total digital spending in Web search, according to eMarketer Inc. And Google takes a 95% share of mobile-search revenue in the U.S., estimates eMarketer".

The article cites "Barclay analyst Anthony DiClemente estimates about $6.5 billion of the $8 billion Google is making on mobile devices comes specifically from advertising—or a 160% increase over the number reported last year."

Crossfire Consulting did a composite analysis and points out that this is the year that mobile doubled the amount of devices compared to desktops and laptops. This trend is well understood by the likes of Microsoft who has turned Windows8 into a mobile OS more than a PC OS.


Bottom line is that Mobile has disrupted the advertising model (yet again) and Google should be seen as maintaining its advantage not loosing its grip.


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