Regrets before the Show

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Carl Ford

Regrets before the Show

When you start planning events you focus on the audience and you think about what needs to be done to provide knowledge transfer about the subject.

For example, In Mobility Tech we are going to be talking about the data explosion, because the network planners are the people we are looking to support.  So we are talking about how to manage, coverage, speeds and feeds (backhaul).  We are also looking at the relation to of apps to the carriers (although most of apps content is in the HTML5 Summit).

Having said all that the problem is often this overlaps with the great content at ITEXPO which services many of the same segments.

This is particularly true on Wednesday at 9:30 when we get the benefit of Michael J. Riegel speaking on behalf of IBM about Mobile and Websphere.

While I will be in the session about Ruckus and the way that Towerstream has manage to blend 3G/4G requirements with Wi-Fi services using Ruckus technology.

IBM will be giving us all the benefit of a their Mobile strategy.  IBM has managed the migration to the Mobile Internet unbelievably well. They have, expanded their Java mobile strategies, supported their Enterprise customers with Websphere and of course acquired some support service solutions including a PhoneGap player.

They are without a doubt a good partner for the Enterprise company looking to make the migration to the BYOD world we are facing.

Rather than split yourself I recommend bringing a second person with you to hear both discussions.


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