Is their a Barrier to Entry

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Is their a Barrier to Entry

The IDC report showing that Android owns 75% of the Smartphone market points out some interesting issues.


Chart: Worldwide Smartphone OS Market Share, 2012Q3Description: IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker provides smart phone and feature phone market data in 60 countries and 8 regions by vendor, device type, air interface, operating systems and platforms, and generation. Over 20 additional technical segmentations are provided. The data is provided four times a year and includes historical and forecast trend analysis. For more information, or to subscribe to the research, please contact Kathy Nagamine at 1-650-350-6423 or detail about this tracker can be found at: Samsung, Apple, Mobile Phone, Smartphone, IDC, tracker, Q3 2012, mobile phones, 3Q 2012, market share, galaxy, iPhone, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Phone, Linux, 2012Q3, AnniversaryAuthor: IDCcharts powered by iCharts


1) Though Samsung dominates. It is losing marketshare based on price.

2) Apple's prestige has lead it into a pricing problem that indicates it will be able accelerate growth.

3) Entry, or more specifically reentry into the market requires a comprehensive OS strategy.

I have congratulated Microsoft in rethinking the OS to be mobile, but so far the comprehensive view has not been reflected in the product line or its adoption.

Clearly its is going to need a great deal of partnership and product strategies to compete.




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