What People Don't Get about Windows 8

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Carl Ford

What People Don't Get about Windows 8

We can argue the values of companies;

  • Amazon,
  • Apple,
  • Google,
  • Microsoft. 

We can argue the value of networks;

  • ATT,
  • Sprint,
  • T-Mobile,
  • Verizon.

In the end they are not the where what we see.

What we see is look and feel.  We are going through a revolution on the web that is not about speeds and feeds but about user experiences.

Microsoft has understood that there job is not to compete with the iPhone or the Powerbook, but to rethink how we compute with them.

And our hats are off to them on figuring out how to make Windows8 a connector between all their devices.

They are going to get a lot of grief for being a major change from previous MS Windows.  In fact this has been as significant a change for them as when they became a windows company and hid DOS in the weeds.

They deserve our appreciation for the attempt.  Like Windows 3.1 we may watch them have to go through a great deal of user feedback to get it right.  But they have made the move.


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