Google Smoogle, MSFT offers B&N $1B for Nook

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Google Smoogle, MSFT offers B&N $1B for Nook

You can't make this stuff up, but I am not sure how valid this rumor is given that it seems to have disappeared from Techcrunch.  It was reported that Microsoft wanted to buy into Nook from Barnes and Noble for $1B.

The interesting thing is after discussing the problems B&N had in getting apps onto their devices to the point that they punted to Google Play.

However, now we hear that Microsoft would rather have Nook join the bandwagon of Windows8 then Google Play.  

This has a lot of interesting aspects to consider.

Does Microsoft expect the Nook to migrate to Windows8?

Does the Nook have enough power to manage Window8 and what is the  implication for existing applications?

Or does Microsoft see a bigger app store play that is universal?

More should be revealed in the next few weeks if the rumor is confirmed until then it brings home the problem of penetrating the app market.

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