Should Vodafone Let Go of Verizon Wireless?

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Carl Ford

Should Vodafone Let Go of Verizon Wireless?

Let's get serious about where we are today.  The Fed has made cheap money available everywhere and its going to lead to more Mergers and Acquisitions.  

From Verizon's perspective there is never a better time to engage Vodafone in talks about buying back their interest.

However, in Vodafone's case there are few investments as beneficial as Verizon Wireless.  In fact, it would hard to imagine that the deal code be sweet enough to not overcome the concern of not having a US partner.

As we look at Softbank's efforts to finalize their buy into Sprint, and DT trying to leverage MetroPCS to fortify T-Mobile, it becomes hard to figure out where alliances will take companies.

Softbank has long been a partner to Verizon Wireless and if Vodafone is to go its separate ways as well, it indicates a very US centric view for VZW.  

So at the end of the day, Verizon should be careful what it wishes for, it could be that they are going to regret buying it back as much as they regretted selling it.
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