Revenge of the Analog

Carl Ford : 4G: For Generations to Come
Carl Ford

Revenge of the Analog

As an old Bell Head, my eyes start to mist when some one actually draws a network these days and not just a cloud.   

Normally, this happens because of redundancy requirements or some specific needs for bandwidth.

As the Internet continues to morph into the needs of the many, the analog side of the equation has creeped back into the terminology we use to describe networks and services.

For example:  
  • SDN is often talked about in terms of slicing off a piece of the network for an Enterprise.
  • Big Data Streams Databases
  • SIP of course is a session oriented protocols
  • Fiber does colors with Wave Division Multiplexing [WDM]

The implications are that we want to know where things are going and that nothing intercedes or interferes with the communications path.

With all these technologies the use of Internet Packet technology is assumed. 

Joining TMC to run Communications 2020 gives me the opportunity to come back to my routes.  Candidly, I have wanted to return to the communications aspects of technology.

Somethings I expected to happen years, ago have yet to occur.  Peer to Peer communications, exchanges and other edge systems have not materialized.

Social Networks have changed broadcasting models forever.  From POTUS tweeting at 5AM to viral stories on Facebook, the consumption is constant.

Communications 2020 is about looking at the big picture of how technology is changing.  We have three tracks which are as follows.

  1. Contextual Processing:  Cost factors on processing and memory have made managing the edge very different these days.  Many of the advantages of the cloud are available for mobile and enterprise systems to use with Fog, Mobile Edge Computing and other strategies.
  2. Intelligent Interfaces: From chat bots and virtual assistants to social networks optimizing what we see, the processing power is changing decision making with machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  3. Ubiquitous Connectivity:  While the cloud is everywhere the throughput and advantages of the ubiquity is not fully understood.  As we extend reach, we are also learning to be selective in our systems. 

Having made the transition to the Internet and IP technology as the common core around the world, Communications 2020 is a show for those of us keeping abreast of what's new and how it will impact our solutions going forward.