The Cheese Soufflé wins...Ethernet and Embedded VoIP

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The Cheese Soufflé wins...Ethernet and Embedded VoIP

It's the holidays and cold in Dallas. I fixed a bunch of great stuff but decided to give you one of my favorite non-original recipes, Alton Brown's Cheese Soufflé.

"But", you ask, "what was in the running?".

Over the weekend, I made chicken potpies, eggnog ice cream, strip steak with peppercorn sauce and a crab quiche. All were very good but the soufflé has always been a favorite of mine. The only changes I make to the recipe are I do not heat the milk. I just pour it in slowly while whisking furiously. I also do not use just the cheddar cheese. I did the first time I made it but yesterday I used a mixture of gruyere and cheddar as well as toss in the extra grated parmesan cheese that did not stick to the Soufflé dish. I served it as a side dish to the steak with a tossed salad. I did reduce the size of the steak servings to around 4-6 ounces. That left plenty of room for the Cheese Soufflé.

2009 Predictions...

It's that time of year where we are asked what do we see for the coming year. You already know my thoughts regarding the Obama administration and upcoming telecom challenges. So, I asked Broadvox's CEO, Andre Temnorod, for his thoughts. After a bit he selected two items that will subjects of my blog in January, Carrier Ethernet and VoIP embedded applications. Both are indeed leading new areas with lots of discussion regarding growth and potential. I think I'll devote a week to covering them. I will be post a blog on Wednesday and I will have new original recipes next Monday...I promise.

Happy Holidays!

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