Whoa! Good news!

Whoa! Good news!

I had planned to spend today addressing certain features of IP PBXs for small business but was distracted by the news of an additional push by the Congress, Industry leaders and quiet support from the new administration to spend more on providing broadband to rural areas. While I now live in Dallas, I grew up in rural Virginia. Going home to visit my mother has always been a bit frustrating, as I needed to switch to 56k dial up service. This is good for her, America and me. Our placement of internet broadband is not even in the top 10 for industrialized nations. We need to prepare this country for the next leap in societal economic positioning. We have move from manufacturing to a service oriented economy. If we are to make the transition to an information-based economy, we need to expand the reach of broadband, increase the average speed and decrease the average cost.

Congress and the Obama Administration can do much to create the environment for these improvements, but they must not impede competition. A key role for government is to establish the strategy and plan for growing our infrastructure. Improving the IP infrastructure is both good for the economy and our nation's security.

My only concern is asking them to do anything seems to result in them doing too much. Let's hope they can contain themselves.

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