Budgets, Budgets, Budgets

Budgets, Budgets, Budgets

I spent the last few months working on marketing and sales plans for 2009. Every time I think I have something workable, I consider the potential changes to our telecom landscape. Companies like Broadvox see tremendous opportunities to grow. Our SIP Trunking product saves a business money. However, it is usually rolled out in conjunction with an IP PBX and hardware sales are meeting resistance. I hope to speak with a few of the IP PBX OEMs over the next few weeks and will give you their assessment of the market and view of 2009.

Until then, I still need to create a budget that meets our sales and marketing needs. Some things are sacrosanct like IP Man, www.ipmanadventures.com. This month we will be debuting our first female villain or is that villainess? In any event, Echo is a fun character and having her as a recurring enemy of IP Man and IP communications gives us new storylines to develop. Okay, IP Man and Metoo are safe. We also need to strengthen our support of our VARs and agents, okay no cuts there either. So where?

It is a tough call when you are in a market space that is exploding. You do not want caution to cost you customers, but still, optimism must be tempered. At Broadvox, we will still advertise, promote, hire, and expose the US to our product offering. A key marketing message from Broadvox to prospects is to use their capital wisely, particularly during these economic times. Therefore, we will take our own advice and spend wisely.

See you at IT Expo in February.

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