Gravity, Pork, Apples and Newton...

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Gravity, Pork, Apples and Newton...

Okay pork was not part of this original list but it does go well with apples. Over the weekend, I made fried pork chops with a caramelized onion and apple salsa. Grilled shrimp and scallops served with linguini and pesto came in a close second as the recipe for today. The shrimp and scallops were fantastic! However, I need a fried pork chop fix since my trips to Japan 10 years ago. Panko breadcrumbs are so much better than American or Italian. I use Panko crumbs for most frying. They are so flavorful and crisp. Remember to serve the Apple salsa at room temperature. You will enjoy this entrée.


Having started in this industry in 1982, few things these days actually surprise me. However, last Friday's blog drew the attention of Steven Schoen, Contributing Editor, Newton's Telecom Dictionary. I noted that SIP Trunking is not defined in the dictionary.  Understanding the gravity of the situation, Steven sent me an email to my Broadvox address with the following:

"Hi David,

Thanks for pointing out in your most recent blog post that a definition of "SIP trunk" is missing from Newton's Telecom Dictionary.

You will find a definition of the term in the 25th edition of the dictionary, which will be published later this year."

He also asked that if I, and I am now extending it to all of you, have additional terms that I believe should be in the dictionary to let him know. You can reach Steve at I was planning to purchase an updated dictionary this month, remember mine is a 17th edition and there's a lot missing. However, I will happily wait until May for the first edition to mention SIP Trunks.  

Sorry Steve.

SIP Trunking and IP Communications are definitely coming of age. Pork, apples and Newton make a great weekend combination.

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