Out with the Old and In with the New...

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Out with the Old and In with the New...

What a day yesterday proved to be.  I did not intend to watch the Inauguration but at 10:35 CT, I realized I was at my computer and all I needed was an internet feed. Within moments, I was watching a historic event. Try as I might, I do not perceive the new President first as a black president. Rather, I view him first as replacing the previous president. We needed the old to move on if we were to face the challenges before us. Most of us acknowledge the need to address our ailing economy, where we may differ is how. Until, we got a new leader, we were not going to have a plan to address the economy that extended months or years into the future. While the Broadvox SIP Trunking business continues to grow during these difficult times, our OEM partners and VARs are finding it harder and harder to move equipment and close new business. Confidence in the economy must be restored before businesses loosen the purse strings. A new president can be the catalyst to changing the outlook for the future. Therefore, that is what I saw first.

Second, I saw the historic event. It was undeniable that President Obama was touching something unseen during my lifetime with the American people. I am certain more people watched this inaugural than any other in history did. Sure, there were up to two million in Washington but many millions more, such as me, watched from home or work. Ask yourself, when was the last time you watched the transfer of power so important in defining our nation? I don't remember. Were people watching for change as I described? Were they watching to see the first black take the oath of office? Only they know.

As we wait to see the full extent of the changes to come, we did get news today that Kevin Martin has resigned as Chairman of the FCC and is expected to be replaced by Julius Genachowski.  Genachowski served as the technology adviser during the campaign expressing support for open Internet or "net neutrality" protections and the expansion of broadband access where USF reform may be needed. These items are of interest to all of us in the IP Community. I am going to agree with a blog by Rich Tehrani. Broadband access is an infrastructure element and should be on the table as part of other infrastructure investments to grow the economy.

Perhaps, in four more years, we will have seen a successful Presidency leading to a second inauguration. That inauguration will have nothing to do with the color of his skin or his heritage. That inauguration will be because he proved to be the right man for the time. I look forward to that inauguration.

Welcome Mr. President!

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