You Mean It's Friday Again...

You Mean It's Friday Again...

Some weeks go by so fast I find I need an extra day. This is one of those weeks.  We have more going on at Broadvox than ever before and I need more hours in the day to keep up with it. We have a good team here in our sales and marketing and I am very proud of the work they do. Many of the items we address are unprecedented since we are in a developing market, SIP Trunking. Prospective customers continuously challenge our product develop efforts by coming up with evermore creative uses for SIP Trunks. It seems to never end and that is a good thing!

This week we announced interoperability with Panasonic's new NCP IP PBX and we released the new IP MAN Adventure featuring AudioCodes, episode 5. The new villainess, Echo, is scheduled for launch during the week of IT Expo. It's a fun story with an exciting storyline featuring Panasonic. Like the duck paddling on a pond, our calm exterior hides the furious effort below the water line.

This year you will see new messaging, new booth skins, ads, collateral and other still secret stuff.

Why are we doing all of this?

For one thing, SIP Trunking is still the lesser-known stepsister to VoIP. Additionally, it is really unknown compared to the TDM/legacy network offerings. We have to blow our/the IP community horn loudly and often.

This morning I am addressing a question that I have not thought much about for a year. How big is our market? If I like what I find, perhaps that will be the subject of next week. Wish me well.

Not sure what I'll be cooking this weekend. It's my youngest grandson's birthday. No ideas yet but something good will come.

See you on Monday.

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