IP Man...Batman?

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IP Man...Batman?

Recently, I read that there may be a comparison between IP Man and Batman. Sure IP Man fights evil doers but he does not have the dark background of Batman. Bruce Wayne becomes Batman because of the murder of his parents. He is never sure when his efforts cross the line of fighting crime to revenge for their deaths. He is actually afraid of himself. IP Man has no such demons in his background. Metoo may feel height challenged having wanted to play a wookie in a Star Wars movie. As the offspring of DARPA's initial research in developing the Internet, he knows his fight is against the opponents of IP communications. He will employ whatever products necessary to deliver exceptional phone service to businesses everywhere.

Okay, so if he is not Batman, then whom does he resemble? Certainly, Superman comes to mind. After all he flies. He does this innately leveraging the speed of Internet atomic particles. However, he is not impervious to pain nor does he have other super powers like hearing, vision or strength. Most importantly, he is not an alien. He is all earthling. He does have the integrity and belief in Justice Superman promotes.

Since his primary defensive element is a shield, he bears a better resemblance to Captain America. Although, Captain America beyond the Shield, he has no super powers. He runs faster, heals better and is stronger than any other human. Two key differences remain between IP Man and Him; Captain America's efforts were always in defense of America and he could not fly. IP Man supports IP Communications globally. He will battle its opponents wherever they may be, and, of course, he does prefer to fly.

Therefore, IP Man is unique. He appreciates being placed in the category of Batman but seriously doubts Bruce Wayne ever cared about the deployment of an IP PBX or media gateway. Check out his latest adventure featuring Panasonic and introducing, the beautiful villainess, Echo. Check out episode 6, "A Glowing Problem" at http://www.ipmanadventures.com/episode6.html.

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