The Irish lose but Vegas Wins!

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The Irish lose but Vegas Wins!

What a weekend for food. Now I promised the Salmon with Vodka Cream Sauce and Fettuccine recipe. So, that is the recipe for the day. However, my wife, Gay, and I had another great meal that I developed as the day progressed. After a bit of vacillating, I decided to make pork chops (I didn't know how yet) and Colcannon.

Colcannon is made using mashed potatoes and either cabbage or kale. As I read the morning paper, I consider a new spin on Colcannon. I had the kale and cabbage but I also had some spinach. Ultimately, I made the Colcannon using mashed potatoes, spinach, frozen artichokes and a bit of crème fraiche. It was fantastic!

The pork chops would have been boring if only grilled or fried but not if one oven roasted plum tomatoes and created a sauce of them with chicken stock, seasonings and butter. The meal was so original my wife asked me if either dish would make the blog.

"Nope", I said. "This blog was going to deliver the Salmon and Vodka Cream Sauce."

Food is a wonderful thing, in moderation, of course.

Vegas Wins!

I am at Channel Partners in Vegas today. I know I don't like shows that start on Sunday but the attendance was pretty good. There were a couple of surprises for me. One, the Gartner speaker was really not into the IP telecommunications thing. She was a channel person but most of her data was IT oriented. Useful in understanding the priorities of CIOs and IT managers but less useful in mapping a sales strategy for 2009. Second, the round table expose that many VARs are afraid to charge for their services. Steven Gerhardt made them sit up and take notice. He is one cool dude. I'd love to have him as a Broadvox Partner! He also sounds like a great owner.

Finally, SIP Trunking rules. The room for my session "What's SIP Got to do with It?" was standing room only. I wish they had come to hear me, but, alas, I know they came because they want to know how to make money with SIP. I did my best. I can only hope many of the attendees have success finding a partner and experiencing the joy of monthly residuals (Broadvox is accepting applications).

Wednesday's blog will cover the happenings at Comptel. See you then!

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