Mushrooms Foodie, Go Deep says the Coach

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Mushrooms Foodie, Go Deep says the Coach

Mushrooms foodie, go deep says the Coach

I love food. Should I say that again? Okay, I love food. My wife asked the question, "So what exactly is a Foodie?"

Alright, first never take me to a buffet. Why would I ever be happy with food that can sit for an hour?  It's not happening for me. Sure I used to love buffets and then I learned what a crispy Belgian waffle was, rare roast beef, perfect crème brûlée and true ham off the bone. Not I have been to a raw seafood bar that was to die for. Perhaps that was also the point. Alright, enough of a rant. What is the recipe of the day?

This weekend I made two types of perfect potato chips, rib eye steaks, a nice salad and Mushrooms sautéed with reduced beef broth and wine. And the recipe is, Sautéed Mushrooms. Do these well and your steaks will be to die for.  Kind of like that raw seafood bar. Enjoy!


The final point of David Hibbard's presentation covered the need to have a Coach. One of the best examples of a coach requirement is Tiger Woods. Even though his mechanics are second to none, he knows that to stay on top they must continue to be superior to all. Something can always be improved upon. To reach it, there must be an objective person to watch, listen and comment. For Tiger Woods it was Butch Harmon, Magic Johnson it was Pat Riley and for Warren Buffet it was Benjamin Graham. No one achieves more than their innate ability without assistance. If you don't have a mentor or coach, find one. If your coach is not challenging you then get a new one. If you are your on coach then you are a fool. You are the patient who is his or her own doctor. Finding coaches is hard. The best are expensive or very busy (which is just another way of saying expensive.  

I can now hit a two iron thanks to my coach. I can now beat the world. (Not exactly true)

See you on Wednesday...



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