The Right to Bear IP

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The Right to Bear IP

While I have spent the week thinking about the direction of broadband for the US, I have also observed what is happening in other parts of the world. The growth of broadband and Internet access is indeed driving many socioeconomic activities. However, recent events in Iran now demonstrate their power to push political events. Whether real change is a result does not matter. What does matter is noting the power of unbridled information flow.

When the heated battle in this country was over the licensing of handguns, I quietly chuckled. The point of our founding fathers was to have an armed (militia/population) that could fight back if the government failed us. I chuckle because someone waving a handgun is hardly going to concern the US Military during a fight. I always thought, "Great, ban the handguns, I want a machine gun and anti-tank rocket launchers."

Okay, that's not going to happen, so what has shown to have nearly the strength of those weapons, IP communications. Through the use of Twitter, YouTube, Social Media and text messaging, many Iranians were able to express their disappoint in the integrity of the elections, plan for mass demonstrations and get the word out to the rest of the world. This can only be done with the right infrastructure and access.

Genachowski's nomination as Chairman of the FCC is heading to the full senate and he is expected to be confirmed. It is important to follow his leadership and the decisions of the full FCC in how we support the development of broadband infrastructure, the pricing and packaging of the services, the environment established for competition and the landscape created for innovation. I have noted that the USF and Net Neutrality are priorities for the new term of the FCC. How these are resolved will affect our schools, homes, businesses and government. Done correctly, we will have tools to improve our society and the ability to extend our global competitiveness well into the future. Done correctly, we'll have the weapons we need to keep our government serving us.

IP communications' role in our lives is increasing. When we think only in terms of the next sale, we limit our ability to deliver the full value proposition of migrating to or embracing what the Internet, wireless communications and other technologies/products offer. So, during my next pitch on the benefits of SIP Trunking, should I add potentially toppling a government?

See you on Monday with another new recipe. Have a great weekend!

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