Wi-FI, Mi-Fi and Michael Jackson

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Wi-FI, Mi-Fi and Michael Jackson

As usual, the weekend revolved around food but this one had a twist. I also entertained my grandsons. I promised to include their names so they could read this later in the week. So, here's to Jake and Stephen, 12 and 6, respectively, your names are now on the Internet. It's always a little tough to cook the way I like and feed this age group. One positive is that they both love seafood. This opened the door for potato salad with crab and shrimp pizza. Jake told me how much he liked lasagna so we had that as well. Stephen did a bit of cooking making a ham salad and simple tomato soup. Finally, while the kids enjoyed lasagna, I grilled some lamb chops coated with a Tandoori paste for the adults. It was good food and fun for all. However, picking the winning dish for the weekend was easy. The potato salad with crab was a fresh and delightful spin on an all too common summer dish. The small amount of mace adds just the right amount of complexity without changing the character of the potato salad itself. Make this for the Fourth of July and your family will think they are special indeed. Potato Salad with Crab will become one of our go to summer dishes.

Wi-FI, Mi-Fi ...

Michael Jackson's death has shown once again the power of IP communications. TMZ.com (Thirty Mile Zone), an online entertainment news site, was the first to confirm his death. They did so six minutes prior to the LA coroner telling the major news outlets. Moreover, the rush of sales for Jackson mementos and music moved to the web faster than to brick and mortar. Amazon, iTunes and eBay were poised and selling Jackson merchandise well before Wal-Mart and Target. Also, worth noting was the speed the news moved as text messages flew to spread the word or offer condolences. In London, SMS services were used to spur the development of celebratory gatherings where Jackson fans met to sing and dance his music and videos.

Many people got their information from Wi-Fi hotspots across the world. In the very near future, they will get their information via Mi-Fi or personal area networks (PAN). There is a device, the MiFi 2200, from Novatel Wireless offered by Sprint and Verizon. The device creates a hotspot that connects up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices or users to a 3G network. These portable networks will update the definition of anywhere and anytime to mean exactly that.

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